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Change your life thanks to Port Hypnosis.

Conquer your fears and bad habits

Remove any fears or phobias from your life thanks to Barbara Swanwick M.S. of Port Hypnosis. Phobias are overwhelming, irrational fears of situations, objects, activities or people. These fears can be imagined or caused by an incident from the past. These fears are always out of proportion to the actual risk, but through hypnosis, they can be overcome.

Barbara Swanwick has spent 23 years

as an established hypnotist.

To eliminate such unwanted fears, hypnosis is used to reprogram the client's subconscious mind and remove the phobia. Using successive desensitization, you are led towards the feared situation under hypnosis and can stop the progression at any point. Gradually you will create a new, more rational reaction to the fear-producing stimulus.


These hypnosis processes can also be used to remove any bad habits from your life.

Eliminate your fears through hypnosis

I was afraid to fly and could not go to my son’s college baseball games. Now I fly to watch him and I owe it to Barbara.

– Tom, Roslyn, NY

I can’t believe I’m not biting my nails any more.

– Carolyn (aged 10), Port Washington

Your approach has been the most sensitive and considerate way of helping me with my fears. I really appreciate the time I have spent with you.

– Kathy , Port Washington