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Hypnosis has been in practice since the earliest days of mankind. It was used by primitive people for religious ceremonies and healing rituals.


In the 18th century, Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) believed in “natural magnetism” or “mesmerism” as it later became known. He “magnetized” liquids and achieved apparent healing miracles using them. Mesmer believed in a magnetic force that could be transmitted to another living person, which he called "natural magnetism."


Mesmer used a room containing a banquette (a low, wide, circular vessel filled with liquid) in its center. People sat around the banquette, holding rods at different heights and angles to treat specific parts of their bodies. The magnetized fluid then “cured” whatever ailed each individual. Mesmer would appear wearing a flowing robe and carrying an iron wand while music played. He would touch his patients with the wand while staring at them and many became cured.


Mesmer did not realize the power of suggestion was the reason behind the cures and not the magnetized fluid. He was an early hypnotist but never knew it.


After Mesmer, there was an expansion during the 19th century in the use of “mesmeric coma” for surgery (before the invention of chloroform). Dr. James Esdaile, a Scottish surgeon practicing in India, used hypnosis in surgery on thousands of patients and reduced his surgical death rate from 50% to just 5%. The pain was a significant contributor to the death rate and hypnosis eliminated or mitigated the pain. A fellow Scottish doctor named James Braid coined the term “hypnosis” to differentiate his procedures from mesmerism.


Over the last hundred years, hypnosis has become more widely used in medical and dental practices. These uses include the elimination or alleviation of unwanted problems, such as allergies, phobias, high blood pressure, stress, bedwetting, excess weight and test anxiety. Hypnosis is also used to great effect to enhance concentration and focus, thus enabling athletes, businessmen, and students to function consistently at peak performance levels.


In 1951, the National Guild of Hypnotists was founded to provide standards and training for its members. The NGH ensures that its members provide consistent and high-quality services to a broad range of clients.

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This was the most exciting course. You presented the material in a very interesting way and made sure that all of us in the class mastered it. I feel really confident now as I start practicing hypnotism as my second career. The teaching was so thorough and I know that you are there to help me if I need advice.

– Joe Mosche, Dix Hills, NY