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In addition to our hypnosis programs, you can also learn how to increase the speed of your reading from Barbara Swanwick M.S. at Port Hypnosis.

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Let’s begin with what Rapid Reading is not. It is not an invention of the twentieth century, the twenty-first century, nor of any other century. There have been, probably since the origin of writing, exceptional individuals who could read naturally at phenomenal rates without formal instruction. Samuel Johnson, John Stuart Mill, and Teddy Roosevelt were typical of such readers. Their ability is similar to that of musicians who have learned their craft without the benefit of formal training.

We define Rapid Reading to mean reading at a rate of at least 750 words per minute. Very few people have the innate ability to learn rapid reading on their own. Therefore we have developed a systematized course of instruction to teach this ability to a greater audience. Our course in rapid reading will make a rapid reader of anyone who can understand, follow instructions and practice regularly during six 60-minute sessions of instruction and application.


To accomplish this, we eliminate your ingrained habits of bad reading an average reader’s inheritance from childhood when you were taught to read aloud and word by word. We also increase your understanding so that you will not need to regress or re-read passages.


We use proven techniques. The most important ones are to enable you to read multiple words simultaneously and to guide you to repeat the new techniques until they become automatic. Properly employed, our techniques will raise you up into the rapid reading range while ensuring that your understanding is improved.

If you read at less than 750 wpm, you need help to read faster and to gain a serious competitive edge in your business, college, or school. Most people read at less than 300 wpm. If you read at over 750 wpm, you are a rapid reader already. However, we may be able to help you go even faster. We have had students reach 3,000 wpm! However, your methods should be reviewed first to confirm your comprehension level.