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Finally, quit smoking

End this unpleasant habit thanks to Port Hypnosis.

Successfully stop smoking

At Port Hypnosis, we have 2 methods to get you to quit smoking. Get this unhealthy and dangerous addiction out of your life forever with the help of Barbara Swanwick M.S. Quitting smoking will give you a wonderful sense of personal control over your life.

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Method I

You will quit smoking in just a single session. This method will make you an instant non-smoker, with a follow-up tape used for reinforcement.


Method II

In this program, you will decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke daily over just a few sessions. You will decide for yourself how many sessions you need to be successful to gain control over your habit. Using this method, you will also learn self-hypnosis as you eliminate your use of tobacco.

Two methods to becoming a non-smoker

We are thrilled not to be smoking any more.

– Guy & Pam Lamotta, LaMotta’s Restaurant, Port Washington, NY

I never thought I would stop smoking. Now I am free of it and happy.

– Pam, Westbury